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Can I Claim Benefits for Hearing Loss at Work under Workers Comp in Wisconsin?

Posted in Uncategorized on May 1, 2018

Yes, you can claim hearing loss at work under workers comp in Wisconsin.  If you are working or have worked in a noisy environment at work such as a noisy factory floor or with noisy machinery running, and you have a noticeable hearing loss, you may be eligible for workers compensation.  You can apply for benefit for lost hearing ability even after you quit or retire from a job.  Also, the work exposure that contributed to the hearing loss does NOT have to be the sole cause of your hearing loss.  If your work environment materially contributes to your hearing loss, it is compensable.  The two main types of compensation you can claim are medical expenses related to your hearing loss, and money damages that are paid to you for your permanent loss of hearing. You will incur medical bills for your doctor visits, audiology testing, and hearing aides. Under workers comp law, medical expenses are covered at 100%, plus your mileage to and from the doctor. Your permanent hearing loss benefit is determined by a formula based on the degree of your hearing loss. This amount of money damages can be very significant, and the worse your work related hearing loss is, the greater the money damages you can claim.

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