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Can I Claim Workers Comp for an on the Job Injury that results in a Knee Replacement Surgery in Wisconsin

Posted in Uncategorized on April 9, 2018

Yes, there are substantial benefits that can be claimed for a work related knee replacement in Wisconsin. If you are hurt on the job and end up needing a knee replacement, you can claim workers compensation benefits for this if your injury directly causes the need for the knee replacement surgery, or if your work injury precipitates, aggravates, and accelerates a preexisting condition beyond its normal progression. In other words, even if you have a bad knee, if the work comp injury makes your knee worse and speeds up the need for your knee replacement, it is work related and you can claim workers compensation. In addition to your time lost and medical expenses, a knee replacement entitles you to a minimum 50% Permanent Partial Disability. Using the maximum PPD rate for 2017, this is $76,925.00 in permanent disability compensation you are entitled to for an injury in 2017. If you have questions, or your workers comp claim is refused or denied by the workers compensation insurance company, then talk to an experienced lawyer. Attorney John R. Jokela is a workers comp and disability attorney working in Wausau, Wisconsin, and he is happy to answer your questions. Call 715-845-9000 for a free consultation.