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Workers Compensation Lawyers for Eau Claire

Attorney John Jokela is a NOT a general practice lawyer.   He only handles Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability Claims for injured working people.  John has been doing this for 20 years.  Every day he fights back against workers comp insurance carriers that have unfairly denied his clients’ work comp injury claims.  He fights to get them the benefits and the settlement they deserve.  The best workers compensation lawyers fight for injured workers day in and day out.

Workers Compensation

Social Security

If have been injured at work in the Eau Claire or Chippewa Falls area and need medical treatment, then you may have a claim for workers compensation benefits.  If your injury requires you to miss more than 3 days of work in a row, then you will be eligible to receive compensation for your lost time after these 3 days.  This benefit is called Temporary Total Disability.  If you miss more than 7 days of work, then you will receive TTD benefits for all missed time except for the day of the injury.  The workers compensation carrier is also responsible for your medical bills and mileage.   Medical expenses are paid at 100% under workers compensation– there are no copays, deductibles, or out of pocket portion.   The work comp carrier also has to reimburse your mileage.   There are other benefits such as Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) that you may be entitled to if you end up with a permanent injury.   Click on the link above for more detailed information on Workers Compensation or Social Security Disability, and what a skilled attorney can do to help.  Or call for a free consultation at 715-845-9000.