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Worker’s Compensation FAQ’s

Q: I have been injured at work– what should I do?

A: If you have sustained a work injury, you must report your injury to your employer right away.  The employer will contact the workers compensation carrier who will investigate the claim.  Contact an experienced work comp lawyer to find out about deadlines for reporting work injuries, but understand that it is your obligation to immediately let your employer know if you have been injured.  If you need medical attention, you can seek out treatment from your own medical provider.  Wisconsin is a worker choice state when it comes to selecting your doctor.  You have the right to choose the doctor or clinic you want.


Q: What happens if my workers compensation claim is denied by the workers compensation insurance company or employer?

A: If your claim is denied, your case is NOT over!  You can appeal if you feel your case is legitimate.   An good workers compensation lawyer can help you with this appeal if you choose.


Q: Does it cost more to hire an experienced workers compensation attorney?

A: NO, it doesn’t cost any more to hire a good workers compensation attorney.  By law, an attorney will charge you, at most, 20% of disputed benefits, plus any costs.  In other words, a good lawyer who focuses their practice on helping working people who have been injured at work costs the same.


Q: I can’t afford the legal costs of pursuing my appeal.  Can the John Jokela Law Firm LLC cover these litigation expenses?

A: YES.  The John Jokela Law Firm LLC advances all litigation costs, such as for expert witnesses and other medical evidence.   You never have to reimburse Attorney Jokela for litigation costs out of pocket.   The 20% attorney fee and any costs advanced are taken from the settlement or award at the time the case is resolved.  And, you never pay any fees or costs until and unless your claim is successful.


Q: What kind of track record does Attorney John Jokela have in workers compensation cases?

A: I only represent working people that are injured in Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability cases.   That is ALL I do as a lawyer.   I have been successfully representing injured workers for almost 20 years and have recovered millions of dollars in the aggregate for my clients over the years.   I have many workers comp settlements that were over six figures.  I am almost always able to achieve a successful result for my clients, and most of the time through a settlement and without the need to go through a lengthy court process.


Q: Should I quit my job if I have a workers compensation injury?

A: Quitting your job after getting hurt at work can cause severe repercussions to your work comp case.  If you want to quit your job after getting hurt at work, speak to an experienced workers compensation attorney about the specific facts of your case BEFORE you quit.  Quitting your job can drastically affect your rights under the workers compensation law in certain circumstances and can result in a loss of benefits you would otherwise be entitled to for lost wages and future loss of earning capacity, as well as other possible claims and benefits.


Q: Can I represent myself for my workers compensation case or appeal?

A: You have the legal right to represent yourself in the workers compensation system if you wish.  You are not required to have an attorney.  However, an experienced workers compensation attorney can protect your rights and make sure you are claiming and recovering all the benefits you are entitled to.   The workers compensation insurance carrier will most often hire the best lawyer they can find to fight your claim.  If you want to level the playing field, consider discussing your case with a good workers compensation lawyer.  Consultations with Attorney John Jokela are free.   You can talk directly to Attorney Jokela at: 715-845-9000