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How do I Prove I am Disabled at my Social Security Disability Hearing?

Posted in Uncategorized on May 2, 2018

If you file a claim for social security disability. Then you will most likely end up eventually at a Social Security Disability Hearing.  This is your best chance to present your case and provide evidence of your disability.  The Social Security Administrative Law Judge will listen to your Testimony about your disabilities and medical problems, and ask you questions about your medical treatment for these conditions. After the Judge is done asking you questions, the Judge will likely then turn to a vocational expert who is also at the hearing and have that expert testify about whether you are able to do either your old job, or other jobs that may exist in the state and national economy. the bottom line is if the vocational expert identifies other jobs in the economy that you can do, and nothing is done to challenge this testimony, then the Judge may end up denying your claim for disability.

After a vocational expert testifies about potential jobs that you can do, it is very important to be able to cross examine this expert about their testimony and point out any errors or inconsistencies in this testimony.  If you do not successfully rebut any incorrect or unfair testimony of the vocational expert, then the Administrative Law Judge may deny your claim for disability insurance benefits.   An attorney experienced in handling Social Security Disability cases can present your case and cross examine experts that testify in your case, and give you the best chance for success.  Attorney John Jokela has over 20 years handling Social Security Disability cases, and can help you with your case.  John and his legal team are ready to help you.   Call 715-845-9000 for a free consultation.  John practices law out of his Wausau office but can travel to meet you anywhere in Wisconsin, including Nekoosa, Wisconsin Rapids, Port Edwards, Stevens Point, and anywhere else in the State.