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If You are Injured at Work, Can I Choose My Doctor or Specialist?

Posted in Worker's Compensation on February 7, 2017

Yes.  Under Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Law, if you are injured on the job in Wisconsin, you can see a doctor of your choice if medical treatment is necessary.  Your employer does NOT get to choose which doctor you see.  Wisconsin is a patient choice state for workers compensation.  You also have the right to seek a second opinion.  However, it is best to seek a referral from your original doctor for a second medical opinion if possible.  If you have questions about your legal rights when it comes to workers compensation issues like seeking medical treatment, you may want to talk to an experienced workers compensation attorney as the specific facts of your case may affect your choices.  John Jokela is a workers compensation lawyer and offers free consulations.  Call him at 715-845-9000.