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Attorney John Jokela has been fighting against workers comp insurance companies for 20 years.  Fighting for injured people and protecting their rights as employees in Workers Compensation claims and Social Security Disability claims is what he does, and it is ALL he does, every day.

If you are injured at work and live or work in the Merrill area, you must report your injury to your employer right away.  Once you have done this, the benefits you are entitled to depend on the severity of your injury.  If you have an injury that requires medical treatment, then you can see a doctor or other medical provider of your own choosing, and work related medical expenses are covered at 100% if accepted by the workers compensation carrier.   If your claim is denied, then contact a good lawyer who knows the workers compensation laws of Wisconsin for a consultation to see what you can do to appeal your denial.  You do have rights even if your claim is denied, or if your employer refuses to report your injury.   Attorney John Jokela has his office in Wausau, Wisconsin and can be reached for a face to face or phone consultation at 715-845-9000.  If you would like to talk to an attorney about your workers compensation claim or denial, or if you just have questions, call John for a free consult.