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Wausau Employee Rights Attorney

Accidents at work happen.  Sometimes it is not anyone’s fault.  Many employers take measures to make their work places as safe as possible, but sometimes workplace accidents happen anyway, and unfortunately sometimes these accidents result in a worker getting hurt.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a workplace accident, you may be entitled to recover a certain amount of damages from your employer and their workers compensation insurance carrier. John Jokela is a proven Wausau employee rights attorney that can help determine if you have a case worth pursuing. Workers Compensation in Wisconsin is a “no fault” law.  This means that if you are hurt at work while doing your job, you are covered.  It doesn’t matter who is at fault for the injury, or even if no one is at fault.   If you are hurt on the job and as a result of your job, you are entitled to recover workers compensation benefits if medical treatment or lost time occurs.

Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Act

Workers in Wisconsin are covered under the Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Act if they receive an injury while at their workplace. This coverage begins on day one of employment—there is no waiting period for employees.

Employee or Independent Contractor?

Sometimes an employer will try to claim that an injured employee is an independent contractor, and thus not covered under workers compensation.  In these situations, Wisconsin Law imposes a strict nine part test on employers, and the employer must satisfy all nine criteria before they can classify a worker as an independent contractor who is not covered by workers compensation.  If you have been injured at work and your employer or the workers compensation carrier is claiming you are an independent contractor who is not covered under workers compensation, then you can speak to an experienced attorney who knows workers compensation law. John Jokela can discuss the details of your case and employment status with you and sort out whether you can legitimately claim to be an employee, and thus be covered by workers compensation and receive benefits.

Wisconsin worker’s compensation benefits cover the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages while you are receiving medical care and recovering from your injury
  • Benefits for permanent partial disability or permanent total disability
  • Rehabilitation and retraining benefits if you lose your job due to your work injury
  • Benefits to replace lost future earnings
  • Death benefits which include payments to your family for the loss of a loved one

While most accidents are covered under the Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Act, certain accidents which were intentionally caused by employees, occurred during an off-duty activity, or resulted from fighting initiated by the injured worker, will not be covered or could result in reduced benefits depending on the circumstances. It is therefore important to timely file a complete and accurate injury report and take steps to receive the appropriate and necessary medical attention as soon as possible after an accident.

Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Employee Rights Lawyer

If you or a loved one have been injured in a workplace accident, do not hesitate to contact the John Jokela Law Firm.  The workplace is supposed to be a safe environment, and any injuries that occur can lead to devastating medical and financial repercussions. An employee injured in a workplace accident could go months before they are able to return to the workplace. Wisconsin worker’s compensation law serves to provide employees with relief necessary during this difficult time.  Contact the John Jokela Law Firm LLC today if you have been denied workers compensation benefits or if you have any questions.


“I would recommend John Jokela Law Firm for anybody seeking legal advice or service related to Wisconsin Workers Compensation claims. Due to John’s extensive experience and knowledge of Wisconsin Compensation Law, he was able to help me receive compensation for a related issue I wasn’t even aware existed. John did an excellent job presenting my evidence in Court and was quick to establish inconsistencies in my opponent’s testimony, all of which helped lead to satisfactory results. ” – Rodney