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If you sustain an injury to your back, neck, or head in Wisconsin, and have permanent limitations and disability which prevent you from being able to return to your job after your recovery, you may have a claim for future lost earnings in addition to the lost wages and disability you already received while you were being treated.  You can also make this claim even if you return to your old job, but are only able to earning 85% or less of your old wages.  Claims for future lost wages are among the largest claims that can be made under Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Law, so you want to make sure your claim is handled the right way and work with a trusted Wausau workers compensation future lost earnings lawyer. John Jokela Law Firm LLC has close to 20 years experience to help you win your case.

Workers Comp | Future Lost Earnings

The workers compensation carrier may not voluntarily pay or even tell you that you have a claim for future lost earnings.  However, a lawyer that focuses their practice on workers compensation law can identify this claim, and then do much more.  Realizing you have a claim for future lost wages is only the beginning.  Then you have to retain a highly qualified expert witnesses who can analyze your work history and job skills and provide an expert opinion as to how severely the permanent injury has affected your ability to earn a living as you move forward with the rest of your life.  You also need to get detailed documentation from your treating doctor about the extent of your disability.  Attorney John Jokela has prepared, filed, and obtained settlements for clients for almost 20 years and knows how to properly develop evidence necessary to not only to pursue this claim, but maximize the benefits that can be recovered.

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Wausau, WI Workers Compensation Lawyer

In the state of Wisconsin a claim for future lost earnings is most often a one shot claim, so you want to make sure everything is done right the first time.  If you make a claim for future lost wages, the insurance company will likely hire their own expert witness to attempt to minimize the size of your claim or settlement—this makes it all the more important to have a smart and aggressive lawyer representing your interests and developing your claim.  You can be sure that the workers compensation carrier will hire the best lawyer they can find to fight your claim and minimize your benefits.  But you can have the best representation possible for no upfront costs, and you only pay Attorney Jokela when he obtains a settlement or award for you.  The John Jokela Law Firm LLC has the staff and financial resources necessary to properly handle your future lost earnings claim.  All costs of litigation, including expert witness fees, are advanced by Attorney John Jokela.   You do not have to cover the cost of pursuing your case.  Upon settlement or award, Attorney Jokela will deduct his costs and a twenty percent (20%) attorney fee as permitted by law.  Call John for a free consultation and he will answer your questions, no strings attached.