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“Works hard for clients rights! I hired him a second time because of his knowledge and success. He ensures that the client receives the maximum compensation.”

– Jane

“I would recommend John Jokela Law Firm for anybody seeking legal advice or service related to Wisconsin Workers Compensation claims. Due to John’s extensive experience and knowledge of Wisconsin Compensation Law, he was able to help me receive compensation for a related issue I wasn’t even aware existed. John did an excellent job presenting my evidence in Court and was quick to establish inconsistencies in my opponent’s testimony, all of which helped lead to satisfactory results. “

– Rodney

“John did a fine job in guiding me through the difficult process of workmens comp. He got me a fair settlement with the workers comp insurance company.”

– Paul

“Mr. Jokela listened to my concerns and opinions with respect. He had excellent professional judgement and got the workers compensation benefits which I deserved.”

– Nan

“The John Jokela Law Firm has been there for me even after my case was settled and that has meant a lot to me. Though at times cases can be long and frustrating in some medical situations like mine, it meant a lot to actually work directly with John when needed. Having the owner and actual attorney work directly with clients in resolving an injury case is rare at times but made all the difference in comforting me through legal issues I knew nothing about handling on my own. Thank you John and your staff for everything.”

– Kelly

“Mr. Jokela was willing to help in any way he could. He always gave me good advice and choices. Mr. Jokela was so helpful and patient with me and my case.”

– Angie

“Attorney John is very patient and listens well, and was skillful with what he did. He was very helpful in my case. Thank you.”

– Nou

“When my workers compensation case was denied, John Jokela took my case. He was always available to answer my questions and concerns. He obtained a very good settlement for me. I have recommended him to many others and will continue to do so.”

– David

“I am very satisfied with John’s handling of my case. Professional and friendly with an outstanding final result.”

 – Charles