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If the Workers Comp Insurance Carrier Wants Me to Give a Recorded Statement, What Should I Do?

Posted in Worker's Compensation on February 16, 2017

If the workers compensation adjustor asks you to give a recorded statement about your injury, you have certain rights.   One main reason workmans comp carriers want to take a recorded statement is to get your statements on record, and if any inconsistencies develop later on with other evidence, they can use this against you.  Wisconsin Workers Compensation  law does NOT require you to give a recorded statement, so you can tell the adjustor or investigator to turn off the tape recorder as they cannot record your statement without your permission.   You have to cooperate with the work comp carrier’s investigation and provide necessary information, but you do not have to give a recorded statement.    If you have questions about this or any other issues pertaining to work related or an on the job injury in Wisconsin, talk to a lawyer who will do the best job possible for you.   Attorney John Jokela does not charge for a the first consultation, so call 715-845-9000 for your free consultation.