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What to do if the Workers Comp Insurance schedules an IME or Independent Medical Exam

Posted in Worker's Compensation on February 3, 2017

If you have been injured at work in Wisconsin, and you get a notice in the mail that you have to attend an Independent Medical Examination, you may be wondering if you have to attend this exam.   The short answer is YES in most cases.  By law, the workers comp carrier can send you to an independent medical exam.   However, there are some important points to understand about these IME exams.   Despite the name, this doctor is NOT an independent doctor.  In almost all cases, this doctor is hired and paid by the workers compensation carrier.   This IME exam will not be done for the purpose of treating you.   If the workers compensation carrier sets up this evaluation for you, it is very reasonable for you to assume that they are obtaining this doctor examination for the purpose of  determining whether there is a medical basis for denying all or part of your claim.  If you are scheduled for an independent medical evaluation or IME, you should consider talking to an experienced Wisconsin workers compensation lawyer.  A good work comp lawyer can tell you what to expect in an examination of this sort, and how to conduct yourself to minimize the impact to your claim.  If you go to an independent medical examination, and your workers compensation claim is then denied, you can appeal this denial.  This is IME doctor does not have the final word.  Your treating doctor is entitled to provide an opinion about your injury and medical treatment.  A good workers compensation lawyer can file a hearing application with evidence from your own doctor that supports your claim, and obtain the benefits you deserve by way of a settlement or award.  Consultations with Attorney John Jokela are free, and he can be reached at 715-845-9000.