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If you have been hurt at work and have questions, an experienced work comp attorney can help.   If you are injured at work and live or work in the Wisconsin Rapids, Nekoosa, or Port Edwards area, you must report your injury immediately to your employer.  You may see a doctor of your choice if medical treatment is needed.  Some employers and work comp carriers will point you toward a doctor of their choice, but in Wisconsin, the law says YOU can choose your own doctor.  Many injured workers in Wisconsin Rapids seek treatment with local medical providers there including the Marshfield Clinic Wisconsin Rapids, or at the Aspirus Wisconsin Rapids Clinic.  But again you can see the doctor of your choice.  Medical expenses are covered at 100% if accepted as work related.  Also, you are entitled to claim and be reimbursed for all mileage to and from your doctor for work related medical treatment.  If you miss more than three days of work, you are entitled to payment of lost wages by workers compensation.  These lost wage benefits are called Temporary Total Disability (TTD).   You may also be entitled to Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) benefits if you have a permanent condition.  In the case of head, neck, back, and spine injuries that result in permanent disability and permanent restrictions, then benefits for lost future earnings and vocational retraining may also be obtained if you are not able to return to your old job.  There are also other benefits available in specific cases if there have been violations of safety regulations.  You can obtain up to 15% of the total compensation obtained if you are able to prove that a safety violation occurred or there was a violation of the safe place statute.  Also, if your employer terminates your employment or refuses to rehire you after your recovery for no valid business reason, then you may be able to obtain up to an additional one year of lost wages as a penalty.  There are many other benefits that you may be entitled to, and a workers compensation lawyer can answer these questions.  Call John Jokela at 715-845-9000 for a free consultation.  John serves injured worker in the Wisconsin Rapids area from his Wausau location, and can also travel to meet with you where you are.