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Workers Compensation Lawyer for Appleton

John Jokela Law Firm LLC is a different kind of law firm– We represent injured and disabled workers.  Period.  Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability are ALL WE DO.  If your work comp claim has been denied and you need a tough lawyer who knows how to get you the good settlement you deserve, contact an experienced injury lawyer who knows employee rights, and who does it every day.  The best workers compensation lawyers in Wisconsin fight for injured working people every single day.   At John Jokela Law Firm LLC, fighting for injured workers is what we do.

Work related injuries happen, despite everyone’s best efforts to prevent them.  Workers Compensation is a no fault system; this means that if you get hurt at work, you don’t have to prove that someone else was at fault.  If you are hurt while doing your job, then you are covered.  You need to report your injury to your boss or manager, and then they have to take it from there.  If you need to seek medical treatment, you can and should do so promptly.   You get to decide what doctor you see.  You don’t have to see the doctor or clinic your employer may want to point you towards.  Under Wisconsin Law, you have rights.   You have the right to have your medical treatment covered, and your lost wages paid.   If your claim is denied, then Attorney John R. Jokela offers free initial consults where you can ask questions and get some answers so you know what benefits you can seek, what your rights are, and where you stand.   John can be reached at 715-845-9000 and you can set up a free face to face meeting to go over your situation, or you can talk to him on the phone if that is your preference.  There is NO OBLIGATION.  Remember, the workers compensation insurance company is not hired to look out for your interests.  Attorney John R. Jokela only represents injured workers and will tell you how you should proceed.  The first consult is always free.

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